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Tommy Esguerra and Kaila Estrada have a message for ToMiho fans after their Macau trip

Tommy Esguerra and Kaila Estrada are now both back in the Philippines following their work-related trip to
Macau last week. And they immediately faced the controversy regarding their “sweet” pictures together that even prompted Tommy’s girlfriend Miho Nishida to react.

The two, who are both GLOBE and SM Youth Ambassadors, went to Macau to cover an event. Some jealous fans deemed their pics “too close”, “too sweet” and “inappropriate” since Tommy has a girlfriend.

In a statement posted on Twitter the other day, Kaila apologized to the fans of Tommy and Miho (ToMiho), stressing that Tommy is like a brother to her.

@KAILAestrada: “Hi guys! I want to apologize to all the fans. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Tommy is like a brother to me. Hope you guys understand.”

Tommy meanwhile also has the same message, that Kaila is just like a sister to him, and appealed to everyone to spread nothing but good vibes.

@EsguerraTommy: “For those concerned about this silly drama with my Instagram photo, Kaila is like a sister to me, someone I can open up to about life.

We look out for each other, as family does. And come on guys were in the 21st century. Good vibes all day!”

Good thing that Tommy and Kaila faced the controversy before it gets even worse. Hope the fans won’t get worried now.

Tommy is in Cebu now with his girlfriend Miho, and reassured the fans that everything’s okay between them by posting this sweet photo of them.

The lovers are in Cebu to tape an episode for the sitcom ‘Funny Ka, Pare Ko’.


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