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How To Spot Fake G-Shock (DW6900)

9 Tips and Guide to Spot a real or fake CASIO G-SHOCKS (DW6900)

9 Tips and Guide to Spot a real or fake CASIO G-SHOCKS (DW6900)

1) First thing you need to do is to know were the watch is being sold. if the watch is being sold anywhere from China, Hong Kong, Singapore or other than United States. there’s a 99% the watch is Fake.

2) Take a look again on your watch, look at the glass part of the watch where it says time and has thos 3 circles. It should be 2 little circles and a bigger one. If the 3rd circle is red or any other collor different from the main LCD then its FAKE.

3) Look at the watch again. Check the words along outside of the glass where it says illumination, on/off alarm. Those words must be white ONLY FOR CASIO. if its black or any other color, then its FAKE.

4) Can you see thos 3 circles with lines? Above it, theres a tag-line “Casio Shock Resist” for a CASIO watch and “Bape shock resist” for a BAPE one. If it doesn’t or its says something else, then its FAKE.

5) If the watch doesn’t looks right, like it’s too clear on the strap, or the font is different, its most likely FAKE.

6) If you have a friend or any person that you know and they had a real and original CASIO G-SHOCK , try to barrow it to them and compare there weighs, REAL CASIO G-SHOCKS weigh close to 1 pound and not a couple of ounces. if it does not then its FAKE.

7) Check the back of your’e watch and look for the model #, make sure the model # that is in-graved there is the right model #. (EXAMPLE: youre CASIO G-SHOCK model is dw6900ms-1, then the model # must the one that is in-graved at the back of youre watch). If its different then its FAKE.

8) Before Buying the item, check the TIN CAN AND MANUALS The TIN CAN of the watch must have the number of the model your’e going to buy same at the manual form.

9) If your’e not sure on buying a watch and just want a real one. Go to the Shops that sell 100% authentic CASIO G-SHOCKS like TIMEDEPOT.


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