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Mouth Watering Stuffed Burger

This burger will give you a great foodporn experience!

The secret of this burger is in our special fermentation. We used to make the free-range buffalo mince even better. Some caramelized homegrown onions with fresh honey for sweetness, superb balsamic vinegar for sour, homemade mayo-herb sauce for freshness and toasted somun bread with some lamb lard that made this incredible burger really crispy. Did I said that it is also stuffed with homemade hot cheese and smoked bacon? Enjoy the true foodporn!

700g free-range buffalo mince400g organic onions
2 tbsp. lamb lard
1 tbsp. fresh honey
70g homemade hot cheese
70g homemade smoked bacon
1 somun bread
premium balsamic vinegar
homemade mayonnaise with herbs
salt, veg. oil



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