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Philippines El Nido Palawan

El Nido is a really a best place to take a vacation with your family or friends. From it’s ageless towering marble cliffs to its white sand beaches with crystal clear water, some people who visited refer to its as paradise.
There are over 50 beaches to discover in El Nido. You can also find magical and enchanting lagoons with caves, green water that can take you in hidden beaches.


El Nido is one of the top destination for island adventures and island hopping. Scuba diving is also one of the popular activity in El Nido with over 30 dive sites varying levels and skills.
The season is from around November to May with temperatures higher than 30 degrees centigrade and rain is rare. the foremost in style traveler times in El Nido is Christmas and Easter. With the Philippines being 95 Catholic the celebration of those 2 events within the Catholic calendar bring out another side to El Nido. particularly in Easter wherever there’s every week long festival as well as city parades and markets.


A number of bars provide totally different amusement together with table game, dancing, live music, karaoke, and in fact along the beach front the possibility to unwind and watch the gorgeous view as the day comes to close.


There are several eccentricities to El Nido, as an example the electrical power is 2pm to 6am. additionally you may not notice any banks here, though you’ll amendment foreign currency associated travellers cheques at a few of places albeit at an increased  rate. Credit cards ar accepted only in a few places. There no telephone lines therefore communication is generally via mobile phones and there are several net cafe’s scattered around the city.


Palawan is frequently referred to as “The Final Frontier”. Once you have been here you realise why. Enchanting El Nido is truly breathtaking; many leave, their lives changed by this magical place.




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