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Execration are your new Champions of SEA (Dota 2)

Execreation won and succesfully defended the region’s pride, sweeping South Korea’s team “MVP Phoenix” in the grand finals of the lately concluded Southeast Asian Championship by MPGL to prevent a Korean team from taking the tittle for the second straight year.

And it was successful debut in new colors for Djardel Jicko “DJ” Mampusti called the best player in SEA opens the new chapter in his carrer with a LAN championship on their first try together.

Even if playing with a standin in the form of Mark “Bayabas” Gavin, this team could not be stopped in the three days of competition, as they go down only two games in eleven outings, with each member of the five man unit shining oat one point or another.

After ending Mineski.GGnetwork to the Manila El Clasico match up that opened Championship Sunday, Execretion returned after that night to completely steal the finals by showcasing some of the best Dota they’ve ever played.

While the MVP Phoenix made the big mistake of giving Abed Yusop his best hero Meepo in the first game, it was the Cavite based team’s new carry Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte that got the entire viewers going with his amazing Puck plays, moves that made even Danil “Dendi” Ishutin tweet about it.


This win confirms Execration current status as the best team in the region right now, but although granted it maybe it’s too early to tell at this point, because there’s a lot of best teams in the region, is still just beginning to find their spot in the new roster.

MVP Phoenix, in a particular look as deadly, considering that they are finished second place, even if not having finalized a roster yet. Fnatic and Mineski.GGnetwork, are the one who finished third and fourth respectively. Not to meantion the other exciting teams which is FACELESS and TNC Pro Team were not in the competition.



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