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Gold Medalist Marieke Vervoort wants “mercy killing” to end his suffering

A Belgian Paralympic gold medalist Marieke Vervoort (37 yrs old) suffers from incurable spinal degenerative disease, is thinking Euthanasia (mercy killing) after the Rio Paralympics 2016.

“When I sit in my racing chair, everything disappears. I expel all the dark thoughts, I fight fear, sadness, suffering, frustration. That’s how I won the gold medals.”

Gold Medalist Marieke Vervoort wants mercy killing

Marieke Vervoort has suffered from a debilitating illness for 20 years. Leaving her in chronic pain. It also causes her to faint regularly, and can hardly sleep at night. She relies on her labrador Zen to alert others.

Gold Medalist Marieke Vervoort wants mercy killing

“I have a bucket list, including stunt flying, and I have started thinking about euthanasia.”

‘My body is just exhausted from all that… I let the nurse this morning give me a shot of morphine and this morning went purely on character to the training. I literally knocked all my fears and frustrations out of me.’

Gold Medalist Marieke Vervoort wants mercy killing

Euthanasia was legalised in Belgium in 2002, and can take place with the written consent of three doctors.
She had already made plans for her own funeral.


Some of the reaction in 9gag

i agree, if you are going trough a lot of pain for very long you should be able to make an end to it”
“I think euthanasia should be a right to all people. The right to ‘opt’ out. From a financial standpoint (for the conservatives here): it’s a lot cheaper for a person to say ‘fuck it, I got stage chronic illness that makes life incredibly painful but only kills me over 15 years time’ to just want to end it on their own terms than to have state-facilitated health care all the time. For the Jesus-freaks among us: didn’t Jesus bring salvation to those who couldn’t walk, see, hear and speak? If people can’t do anything anymore, and are in heavy constant pain, let them go to heaven so they may finally have some salvation. For those who are mostly opposing the concept of institutionalized suicide: everybody dies anyway, it’s a matter of knowing you’ll die after 5 more years of incredibly painful deterioration of your body or within 5 months, on your own terms, with your own goodbyes before you cannot physically do that anymore either.”
yeah, if life’s unfair even at the moment that you feel constantly in pain,and there’s no cure/treatment (maybe there’s treatment but sometimes the person goes through enormous pain and it’s in vain or doesn’t have money to pay for it) euthanasia in my opinion is a good way to end your pain, and maybe if there’s a heaven or something like that (I hope there is) then you can rest in piece in a another world/dimension/spiritual place.
So what do you think? is Euthanasia is the answer?

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