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Kris Aquino is now leaving ABS-CBN

host-actress Kris Aquino has confirmed that she is now leaving her long time home network ABS-CBN.

In a instagram posts early Monday, Kris explained the circumstances around her departure from the Kapamilya network, her home station for 20 years.

Kris Aquino also said that she would be shooting starting 22 September, but it was not explicity stated if her new venture will be on GMA 7.


Kris Aquino Said she was set to sign ” a less demanding agreement and genorous” with the network, “but at the time there was a threat to my life we need to take it seriously” along with the health concerns and i need to spend my time with my family.

“I didn’t sign then, I wento to hawaii, cam back to campaign, then leave again. Our arrangements was we’d talk when i got back”

kris aquino is-now leaving abs-cbn

The talk happened in July, Kris said “there was no definite show and no assured time frome of my return on air”

“This is the risk of taking time for youself when you come back there is no guarantee that a space will be held for”

Kris Aquino added: “Im sure i understand as mush as i wanted to belive I was a pillar of the network, everyone is despensable. And I said that with no bitterness just HONESTY”

“So for all of you saying please dont leave it wasn’t a choice that was just mine to take. I take my share of the responsibility”

kris aquino is now leaving-abs-cbn


With her departure from ABS-CBN, Kris Aquino said she would be working with Tuviera who she met in late July.

“Our plan was just a digital initiative, I know you miss my #cooking, #foodtrips, #recipes, #travel, and #roadtrips. But maybe my guardian angel in have (could it benn you, MOM?) was working overtime and what was an attempt at experimental and something new.”

Aquino added that “Mr.T” had come to her mother, the late President Cory Aquino, many years ago, saying he want to produce a show for her.

“Mr.T actually remembered coming to our home in Time Street in 1986 to meet my Mom to prodice a show for me when i was 15 yeas old. 30 years after dumating na ang TAMANG PANAHON”


kris aquino is now leaving-abs-cbn

“Thank You”

Kris Aquino expressed her gratitude to ABS-CBN “for all that was,” “family,for all that will be.”

The host-actress said she will be leaving on Monday with her 2 sons, Josh and Bimby an “advanced making up on my part becuase i have an exceptionally full work calendar until Christamas”

“They had so much of me for 4months, so well be adjusting”

“This is the first and last i will talk abouth my chapter of my life. All of you deserved the true story and I gave you my truthm so that we may all move forward”


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