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Masbate Burias Island Philippines

Burias Island is one of the 3 major islands of Masbate in the Philippines.The other two islands are Ticao Island and Masbate Island. Burias Island is 11 hours away from Manila, the length travel is so much worth it. This is one of the virgin and enchanting beaches to be found in the Philippines. With powdery white sand and crystal clear water. This island is a 100% good place to relax and have an adventure. You can do island hopping, cross Dapa island. Or enjoy your weekend at the beautiful rock formation of Animasola Island and plunge in Tinalisayan’s sand bar. Im pretty sure that you wont’t run out of things to do in the Island of Masbate. The Island is ideal for campers, since lots of the tourist here pitch their tents instead of renting cottages to catch a better sight of the night. The are cottages that you can rent at affordable price, however since supply of electricity is limitinted in the place the cottages do not have fans or any air cons.


Guide way to get there:

Ride a bus going Naga(Araneta Center Terminal) P620 from Pasacao to San Pascual, Port fare is P130 San Pascual lodging P150 Boat fee, for island hopping it ranges from P1,500 to P2,000



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