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Palaui Island Philippines

Balita Ngayon: Palaui Island is one of the virgin and undiscovered island in the philippines. It is located in northwestern part of San Vicente, municipality of Sta.Ana, Cagayan Philippines.

Palaui Isand Philippines

Palaui Island is located in the northwestern part of the promontory in San Vicente, In the municipality of Santa Ana, Cagayan province. It is protected landscape and seascape nestled in the northwestern part of Cagayan Philippines.

The western shore of the island shows bold, but on the side of eastern, a reef projects from its side for 2.4 km (1.5mi), and the edge of it 0.8 km (0.50 mi) from and extending around the small islets of Escucha.

I still remember our first experience to explore Cape Engaño in Palaui Island way back in 2010. During that time, great information on how to get to Palaui is limited.

If you search “Palaui” online, the search engine will siggest the county Palau. A king of fisherman with his family approached me and my friend Arnel of Lakwatsero and let us hitched in his boat without any asking for anything to pay.

He is so kind, so we asked the fisherman to be our guide to trek lighthouse. He politely say “No” and gave us directions on how to get there, because he need to go fishing at night. That time, like many locals of Palaui, he dont know yet the tourism
could give them additional income.


Fauna and Flora

Palaui Island was declared as National Marine Reserve in 1994, August 28, Area of 7,145 hectares. The waters that surrounds the island has a 21 commercial species of fishes with about a 50 hectares.

Palaui Island is a home to 105 species of rattan and similar valuable timber producing wood species, in addition of 25 imported shrubs and its the sanctuaary of 90 migratory birds.

Place to Explore

The northern point of this island is used to called Cape Engaño where in the summit of the hill lie the ruins of Cape Engaño Lighthouse.


How to go to Palaui Island from Manila


You can go to Palaui Island from Manila by taking a bus (Victory Liner) bound Tuguegarao (Php 600) from Kamias, Caloocan, and Sampaloc. In Tuguegarao. Go to the van terminal and ride to Sta.Ana Cagayan.


If your planning to take a plane to get in Tuguegarao, you can walk outside the airport, a meters away from the highway which leads to Sta. Ana. Cross the street and wait the van to Sta. Ana Cagayan.

From Sta.Ana to San Vicente Port

The van or bus will stop at Sta. Ana commercial center were you can buy water and food. Take a Tricycle to San Vicente port. At Sanvicente port, you can rent boats to Palaui Island, to avoid getting lost, get a guide.



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