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Chronicles of Elyria (COE)

Balita Ngayon: The new Upcoming MMORPG game Chronicles of Elyria (COE) the 1st MMORPG where the character ages and dies.

Chronicles of Elyria (COE)

Chronicles of Elyria is the 1st MMORPG where the character ages and dies, helping you to think beyond your character role in a larger story. Fearless on its designm it embrace the character’s ability to impact the other characters.
A closed place, non-repeatable quest, finite of resources, and a full destructible environment means the world is experienced differently for each and every character. Every time you log in there is something for you to join in.
Regional, local, and even national conflicts are continously unfolding, giving birth to the repeated opportunities to you to change the history.

Enter the world as a member of run-player family, then work way up a humble adventurer to landed vassal, to develop your empire, and work way up to King. Not interested in running a kingdom? The full skill based system and lack of classes means your rewarded with the ability to create a exavt character that you want.
Become the reowned feared assassin, blacksmith, travel to places where some other feared to travel, or become a legend of sorcerer.

Chronicles of Elyria make a new business model that is never before seen in MMOs. In COE, players must buy a Spark of Life that gives a soul to live fore between 10 to 14 months. And during that time the characters will grown old and maybe die, leaving the mark history. But while you are still alive you must choose your action safely, as each ingame death reduces your lifespan and gives your character that much closer to permadeath.




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