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Gumasa Beach Philippines

Balitan Ngayon: The so called “Small Boracay of the South”, Gumasa Beach is located in Sarangani Province Philippines. It is one of the virgin island, that is not yet over-populated.

Gumasa Beach Philippines

Local have given a nicknamed to this crescent shaped as the “Small Boracay of the South“. This is look’s like boracay might have before the commercial development, a slowed paced, quiet except for the sounds of the waves and small cottage.

The Province of Sarangani is a 3 hours drive to the south from Davao City. Plus another forty five minutes from its capital. I end up at the town of Glan, the first class municipality in the Sarangani Province.

The trip was long but the coastal-ways provides a glimpses of Sarangani Bay. The soft sound of rubber concrete make me sleep. When the car finally stopped, i wake up to a real treat. The Glan borders  bay and there were resorts with different themes, shimmering the coastline with its beuatiful calm, clear water, and powdery white sand.

The Gumasa Beach is what Boracay might be look liked before all the commercial development. You dont need to be prodded and went to the water. And i just noticed if you wade further away from the shore, it suddenly takes a steep decline. I choose to stay at the shore, thank you, where schools of friendly, small fish accompanied me while i floate face up in the shallow water.

To this idyllic place i found a treasure in the serenity of one longingly craves for in the face of a hectic. stressful, working life. Meals there is plenty of fresh fish you can find. After that simple yet delicous meal, i take a stroll along the shore, pick up some small sea shells and enjoyed the feel of that soft white sand in my feet.

I wat to catch the beautiful sunset, this is where i let time stand still.


How to get there

From Manila there are flights to Gen.Santo City (2 hours) local airlines departing NAIA 2 or NAIA 3. Taxi to terminals will cost about P300.

From airport go to the rear of the KCC mall and look for a van terminal for Glan Sarangani. There are regular fees per peron (P80). Talk to the driver to drop you at the nearest terminal going to the beach of your choice. From there you can also take a habal-habal (P25 to 30) to the beach. Travel time is about an hour.

TIP: if you are planning to travel with your friends or familys, you can find and talk to a van driver in GenSan and simply rent his vehicle, the price is depending on a one way/ round trip.


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