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Confirmed! Philippines Has 6 New Cases of Zika Virus

Confirmed! Philippines Has 6 New Cases of Zika Virus

There are new 6 new cases of Zika Virus in the country, according to Department of Health (DOH).

This brought to 9 the total numver of local transmitted Zika virus cases in the Philippines in this year, with ages from 9 years old to 49 years old. DOH said on tuesday.

Two of the patients are from Cebu City and Laguna and the four other patients are from Iloilo City, and six out of nine cases are women, according to Department of Health.

Department of Health Spokesperson Eric Tayag said the 6 new cases had no history of travel to other countries within a month preceding the onset of the illness.

“All of exhibited skin rashes accompanied by the joint pains, conjunctivitir, or ferver, but they expected to have recovered in this time,”he said, in addition the virus through mosquito bites.

Zika virus, which resembles as a light case of the flue, is transmitted by the mosquito species Aedes aegypti.

However, some of the pregnants women who get infected by Zika virus give birth to children with microcephaly, a rare condition that when the head of the new born baby is small or the head stops on growing after giving birth. Zika virus causes the other brain deformities in new born babies.

Eric Tayag added that based on the initial information they acquired, the 4 new cases in Iloilo City was not connected to the 3 Zika cases earlier reported in the area, as the areas where the 2 groups of patients lived, 10 kilometers apart.

Tayag stressed that DOH has not recommended any travel restriction in Iloilo City, where the most of the cases have been reported.

“We are not recommending pregnant women not to visit Iloilo City. What we are recommended is for the pregnant women to ask the doctors for any instructions regarding to theirt pregnancy, especially to those living in the afftected areas.” Eric Tayag said.

He explained that the city will be declared Zika free again if no new case of virus would be reported in the next forty five days.

Apart from 9 cases this year, 5 other cases of Zika virus infection its been detected since 2012, with 4 foreigners acquiring the infection from abroad.


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