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Leila de Lima feels ‘Unsafe`

Balita Ngayon: During the conference, de Lima showed and read to the media some of the messages she was receiving.

Leila de Lima feels 'Unsafe`

De Lima said she was being persecuted, de Lima said on thursday that whe was considering the possibility of filing some cases against her detractors for violating her privacy and safety.

“I am a subject of persecution and I am not safe. I dont feel that im safe. The truth is im not safe!” Leila de Lima said at news conference at the Senate. De Lima talked to the media to address some of the testimonies given by the House inquiry on what she termed as “so called” witness who is linked to her in drug lords at the NBP.

According to Leila de Lima, not only that she was being hate and threatening messages from the public release of her cell phone number in the House inquiry but she had to temporarily leave her house for security reasons.

During the conference, de Lima showed and read to the media some of the messages she was receiving.

Among the cases she said that she might file include seeking a writ of data and writ of amparo habeas, moth of the remedies available to any peron that is right to privacy in life, security or liberty is violated or threatened by the unlawful act or omission of public official or employee, or a private entity or private individual.

Leila de Lima is seeking these remedies as she questioned whether she could rely on the militiray, police, and to NBI for her security needs.

“You know what is the answer to that,” she said to reporters.

Asked whether she was asked help from the Seanate on the matter for her safety and security, De Lima said she would take up the matter with Sen. Pres. Auilino Pimentel.

Leila de Lima has a ongoing feud with President Rodrigo Duterte, who accused her for being an immoral woan and a protector of the drug lords.

The head of Commission of Human Rights is investigating Deterte for allegedgly being behind the so called Davao Death Sqaud (DDS), which some claimed that was responsible for excuting criminals when hes the Davao City Mayor.


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