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Surigao del Sur, Hinatuan Enchanted River Philippines

Balita Ngayon: Hinatuan town in Surigao del Sur has risen because of its Enchanted River. Its a best place to take an adventure, legends said that mermaids, and fairies gather in the river to play and sing around the clear bluish water.

Surigao del Sur, Hinatuan Enchanted River Philippines

The Hinatuan Enchanted River is a deep spring river in the island of Mindanao in Philippines. It runs into Pacific Ocean and Philippine Sea at Barangay of Talisay, Hinatuan, Sugrigao del Sur. It can be found between the boundaries of Barangays of Cambatong and Talisay. Enchanted River can go as deeop 80 feet feep.

This a destination braved only for those who want advetures, the dirt road going to the Enhanted River is now been constructed into a long stretch of concrete. Despite the developments, includes the cottages, the mystical feeling in the are still stay with flora indigenous that surrounds the placid river. There are also huge fishes of different species that can be seen in the Enchanted River ignoring the tourist taking a dip and taking photos. As the time hit noon, the Hym of Hinatuan is played from loud speakers. Its like a ancient ritual, the peoples wh is swimming will immediately paddle back to land while the fishes assemble close to riverbank.


Legend Of Hinatuan Enchanted River

Legends said, enchanted river unusual colors and unexplored depths is inspired various local legends. One of the stories tell that the fairies added the colors of jade and sapphire on the river to make its unique shade. Some people say’s that during at night, pixies, mermaids, and fairies gather in the river to play and sing around the clear bluish water of the river. Every time the fairies touch the water, it becomes more clearer as the ripples gone. According to locals that the river was called the Enchanted River is because of the engkantos that dwell there.

The 1st exploration in the underground cave of the Enchanted River was made in 1999 by Alex Santos. The exploration to the underground caves system started 11 years later when a group of 3 cave divers led by Dr. Alfonso Amores with the team members of Emgee Guillermo and Bernil Gastardo enter the cave in 2010 February. The exploration discover a hidden underground cave opening 30 meters depth.The exploration continued in March 2015, to discover its unexplored area beyond 82 meters deep and is now led by Bernil Gastardo.



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