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Travelers top 10 most popular cities in 2016

Balita ngayon:Seoul,South Korea,Tokyo,japan,Istanbul,Turkey,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia,Singapore,New York City,Dubai,United Arab Emirates,Paris,France,London,UK—

Travelers top 10 most popular cities in 2016



Seoul,south korea


10.Seoul,South Korea – one among several reasons tourists are attracted to seoul–historic places.the city expects to see 10.2 million international guests in 2016,ranking it in 10th place in terms of popularity with global travelers.





9.Tokyo,japan – Tokyo was lying outside the highest ten in 2015,but enters at number 9 as politically troubled hongkong drops down.they predict that in 2016 they will reaceive 11.7 million visitors according to japanese capital.





8.Istanbul,Turkey – istanbul from 5th place last 2015 but still in the list,the past few months have seen the city–alonsgside the rest of turkey–endure a failed coup attempt and its aftermath.



Kuala Lumpur,malaysia


7.Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia – when your looking the tallest twin tower in the world.kuala lumpur will expect a 12.02 million international visitors for the year 2016,to see the petronas towers.



Merlion Park, Singapore


6. Merlion Park, Singapore – this country holds the most popular city in asia with visitors,singapore will looking forward to see 12.11 million visitors and also international visitors by the year 2016.



New york city


5.New York City – im not surprise in this thing,New york is new york and they expected to draw 12.75 million international visitors in 2016.



Dubai,United Arab Emirates


4.Dubai,United Arab Emirates – This country really outshines all of theire Middle Eastern neighbors when it comes in visitor arrivals.the city will host 15.27 million international visitors in 2016. its also the top ranked global city for visitor spending.with travelers dropping $31.3 billion.





3.Paris,France – paris is still has endured several deadly terror attacks look back in 2015 and it cause of taken their toll on tourism.however it continues rank in the top 3 with 18.3 million visitors forecast for 2016.



London,United Kingdom


2.London,UK – from the past 8 years london has topped the mastercard global destination cities index in 5 consecutive years.the expected 19.88 million international visitors expected in 2016 are not enough to keep it on top.





1.Bangkok,Thailand – Bangkok returns to the top spot for the first time since 2013.political unrest has impacted visitors numbers in recent years,but in 2016,they’ve been surging back,with 21.47 million expected.






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