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Japan’s Yayoi Restaurant will be open at Megamall

Balita Ngayon: Trending! One of the best Japanese restaurant will be open in the Philippines, in SM Mega Mall Mandaluyong City.

Source: ABS-CBN news

Many Filipinos are spoiled for choice when it comes to Japanese food, as you can see in many restaurants serving anything from ramen, sushi, and tempura to crepe cakes and cheese tarts.

Various restaurants from Japan have also set up a shop in Manila. The latest to do this Yayoi, which recently opened a branch in Building B at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City.

Unlike the other Japan’s franchise which specialize in a certain dish, Yayoi restaurant offers different kinds of teishoku, a set meal of steamed rice, miso soup and vegetables.

Diners have plenty of choices here, with Yayoi’s main dishes sorted into categories seafood, hot pot, and katsu, to name a few. Drinks and foods are ordered by making a few taps on the iPads on each table.

You don’t need to worry, the iPad menu comes in both Japanese and English versions. A physical menu is also available for less techie customers.

The food in Yayoi’s arrive fast, delicoius and hot. Order the bestselling Hitsumabushi P650 or Nagoya style grilled eel on rice with side of dashi broth.

Eat like Japanese and divide the dish into 4 portions, putting reach on a seperate bowl as the meal progress. Enjoy the first part, add condiments to the seconds, put some broth on the third batch, and it’s up to you on the last serving.

For those who want to have a little bit of everything, get the Mix Toji Teishoku P425, it includes fried shrimp, pork cutlet, and strips of sukiyaki beef simmered in a mix of egg and Yayois special sauce.

japans yayoi restaurant will be open at megamall1

Another best seller is Namban Teishoku P395, it’s a fried chicken steak with tartar sauce.

Some franchise have uproot their offers to suit the Filipino palate, but not Yayoi, which it takes in pride keeping athentic Japanese flavors intract.


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