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After Global Recognition, Duterte Gains Very Good and Excellent Official Ratings After First 100 Days According to SWS

President Rodrigo Duterte ended his first three months with a very good net satisfaction rating according to the survey held by Social Weather Station (SWS)

The latest result showed that the people continue to support and trust the president despite of so many controversies these past few months. It said that 75% of the population were satisfied with the work of Duterte while 11% were dissatisfied and 13% undecided.

Duterte’s rating in Mindanao reached up to 85% classified as excellent rate. Duterte got over 62% in Visayas or very good. He got a rating of 58% in Metro Manila and in Balance Luzon where he gained 57%.

Duterte got 63% in urban areas and +67% in rural areas

Duterte had excellent rating with +71 percent while women gave him +58%

in socioeconomic classes, Duterte gained +65% in classes D and E and the ABC class gave +56% mark.

Moreover, the president rating based in age group was doing great.
25-34 years old: +73% excellent
35-44 years old: +73% excellent, while the rest age group gave him very good rating.

These are the ratings according to educational attainment.

  1. College graduates gave Duterte +65% classified as very good
  2. High school graduates gave +71% classified as excellent
  3. Elementary graduates gave him +57% classified as very good
  4. Non-elementary graduates gave him +54% classified as very good

Ratings are determined as:
+70 as excellent, those +50 to +69 as very good, +30 to +49 as good, +10 to +29 as moderate, +9 to -9 neutral, -10 to -29 poor, -30 to -49 bad, -50 to -69 very bad, and -70 below execrable.
source: trending portal


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