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Sec. Delima ‘Jaybee was Pushed to the wall’

Balita ngayon- Sen. Leila de Lima speak on Monday that apparently Jaybee Sebastian was “pushed to the wall” after the convicted kidnapper testified against her on monday at the House inquiry on allegations she benefited money from drug lords inside the New Bilibid Prison.

“obviously and Apparently, (Sebastian) could no longer take the pressure,” De Lima told reporters, reminding that she had previously said sources had told her Sebastian was being forced to testify against her.

She also said a source told her that Sebastian was the real “target” of the brawl that happened inside NBP last month where he and other inmates were stabbed. Another inmate was killed in the incident.

“That could only be the explanation why he (Sebastian) could no longer take the pressure. He has heeded his wife who had pleaded to him to follow whatever they told him to do because they were only after De Lima. De Lima will understand it later,” the senator quoted her source as saying.

Told that Sebastian had denied he was a government asset, she said that former Bureau of Corrections chief Franklyn Bucayu and other officials were the ones who told her that the convict had informed them of what was happening inside the national penitentiary.

De Lima said apparently Sebastian was lying because he was also pressured to do so. – Inquirer


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