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Doc Willie Ong of ‘Salamat Dok’: ‘Mali Ang Paggamit Ng Salitang Psychopath’

Philippine-renowned doctor Doc Willie Ong from ABS-CBN’s ‘Salamat Dok’ clarifies the medical definition of ‘psychopath’ and says it wasn’t fit to name anyone a psychopath without truly understanding its meaning and the proper basis that should back up the accusation.
On Doc Ong’s post on his Facebook account, the doctor stated that in the world’s population, only 1% of the people are true psychopaths. Although the doctor did not clearly refer to the issue where actress Agot Isidro tagged President Rodrigo Duterte as a psychopath.


Doc Willie Ong of 'Salamat Dok': 'Mali Ang Paggamit Ng Salitang Psychopath'


He also emphasized a few indications of a pyshotic. To name a few, he listed these:
1.Walang malasakit sa kapwa
2.Kulang sa emosyon
3.Hindi responsable
4.Magaling mambola at charming
5.Malaki ang bilib sa sarili
6.Walang plano para sa kinabukasan
7.Suwapang at hindi marunong magmahal

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