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24 object that We Use Everyday Have A Special Purpose We Do Not Know About

Balita Ngayon | These common object have their special purposes, right? Well, there is never too late to learn something new, right?

Balita ngayon | Our lives are filled with various object that we always use on a daily basis, and often we take certain objects for granted. Many of them play important roles in our routine and we are so accustomed in using them that we do not give a second thought.

Yet, we should open our eyes and minds and accept that many of these objects are much handier, clever and useful that we think. Check various uses of the items below and see for yourself!

1. The Pen Cap Hole


The hole in the pen cap’s purpose has nothing to do with keeping it from drying out. It is there so that if a child chokes on the pen cap, the airway to be still open.

2. The Airplane Window Hole


The little air window holes are present so that the windows do not fog up and the difference in the pressure between the outside and the inside of the cabin to be significant and this hole takes some of it off the outside window.

3. The Fabric Piece On New Clothes


This piece of fabric is there so that you can wash it before the entire item and see the change of the color.

4. The Small Jeans Pocket


The tiny pocket dates back to the earliest denim designs. Its purpose was to keep your pocket watch!

5. The Jeans Studs


Another thing that goes back in time – the studs used to reinforce the seams of the pants in certain areas that experienced plenty of wear.

6. The Converse Sneakers’ Holes


The holes in the Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers have one main purpose and it is ventilation. The second one, which is not that obvious is for the laces to be threaded through the side holes for a better snug fit.

7. The Tape Measure Hole


Thanks to this little hole you can secure the tape measure end to a nail or screw and thus measure more easily.

8. The Tape Measure’s Serrated Edge End


This ridged edge is there so that you can add a measurement mark if your hands are busy with the tape measure!

9. The Pot Handle Hole


Besides hanging the pot, this hole is used for keeping the spoon that you are cooking with.


10. The Pasta Spoon Hole


That hole is used to strain the pasta and do not allow the water to flow out, but it can also measure the right size of one serving of spaghetti.

11. The Gas Gauge Arrow


The arrow is very useful when driving a rental car. It shows the side of the vehicle on which the gas cap is situated.

12. The Bobby Pin Zigzag Side


This zigzag edge of the bobby pin is the bottom part, as it helps hold hair in place better than with its face up.

13. The Bottom Of The Padlock Hole


This hole has many purposes – first, as drain if you use your padlock outside, the water doesn’t get trapped inside, or damage the lock by freezing. Second, as an opening so that you can oil the lock to keep the inner mechanisms in a perfect stage.

14. The Power Cables Thick Part

This contains chunks of magnetized iron oxide that prevent the electromagnetic interference on all electronic devices.

15. The Blades Of The Utility Knife


The blade of the utility knife is scored, so that you can break off the dull part and get a new sharp one in its place.

16. The Tube And Bottle Caps Spikes


They are there so that you can unscrew the cap on a new bottle by punching through the foil cover on the opening.

17. F & J Keys


The small grooves on the “F” and “J” keys mark the home keys where the index fingers should rest if on the right typing position.

18. The Rulers Holes


Well, that is just for hang up the ruler.

19. The Apple Power Cable Wings


The wings help wrap the cable around and keep the tangles away during transportation.

20. The IPhone Camera Dot


This small dot is a microphone when using the back camera.

21. The Tic-Tac Cap


This indentation on the lid of the Tic-Tacs package is there to serve as the perfect single-Tic-Tac dispenser.

22. The Plastic Bottle Cap Disc


These plastic discs hold in carbonation. Thus, if you remove them, even if it may seem like your bottle is closed tightly, you’ll find that the soda will go flat.

23. The Eraser’s Blue Side


The blue side of the eraser removes the ink but only if it is on very thick and durable paper. The blue eraser is tougher than the pink side which means that it will tear the normal paper.

24. The Wine Bottle Bottom Indentation


This indentation helps a waiter to get a better grasp on the bottle while pouring the wine. But the truth is that it helps regulate the pressure experienced by the bottle during the corking process.

These common object have their special purposes, right? Well, there is never too late to learn something new, right?



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