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The 10 Most Expensive Movie Films Ever Made

Balita Ngayon | Here’s the 10 most expensive movie films ever made.

The 10 Most Expensiv Movie Films Ever Made


The 1st Movie is Captain America: Civil War. The film budget is $250 million


Tied on this film Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice with a budget of 250 million


Another movie with a budget of $250 million, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


The last $250 million budger was The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies.


The next most expensive film was Spider Man 3, with a budget of $258 million.


Tangled is the 5th most expensive film ever made with a budget $260 million


The next film is John Carter which was a big flop. It cost more than $263 million budget.


Avengers Age of Ultron is the next most expensive film with a budget of $279 million.


The second most expensive movie ever made is Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End with a budget of $300 million


The most expensive film  is Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides with a budget of $378.5 million


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