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There is A Weed Infused Wine on The Market!

Balita Ngayon | There is A Weed Infused Wine on The Market . Cheers to the Future Wine Weed!.

There is A Weed Infused Wine on The Market!

Pot wine is been around since many people decided they wanted to be tipsy and high at the same time. The latest is a product named Canna Vine, a marijuana laced wined from wine makers in California.

The Los Angeles Times report the Canna Vine combined biodynamically farmed grapes and organic marijuana. While it may be exciting that it exists, it it not very easy to get in your hands.


For the starters it is only available and it is legal to buy in California and then you need a medical marijuana license. In some few states it is illegal to infuse weed with alcohol even in states, like Oregon, Colorado, and Washington where re-creational of marijuana use is legal. California Proposition 64 will be up for a vote this November would legalize the use of marijuana for re-creational use. Proposition 64 does not address drug and alcohol infusions, other state dont allow it at all.


Singer and a cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge who have a cannabis infused wine called (NO LABEL) spoken to about the benefits of this wine. (There is a little flush after the first sip, but then the effect is cheery, and at the end the night you sleep is really weel) Melissa Etheridge said.


Then you have a marijuana license, then all you need is $120-$400 because that is what half bottle can cost. Yes! just a half bottle.


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