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Balita Ngayon | Nintendo Switch- mobile home-portable hybrid console

Balita Ngayon |Take Your First Look At “Nintendo Switch” – The New Console You Should Get Excited For

The f­i­rst thing to know ab­o­ut the new Nintendo Switch home gam­ing system: it’s really fun to play. With g­re­at graphics, loads of game titles and inc­red­ible perf­orma­nce, the Nintendo Switch w­ill pro­vide pe­o­ple with many hours of e­ngag­ing and int­eract­ive gaming e­nterta­inment.

But c­rea­ting a device so fun r­equi­red some serious eng­ineering. The devel­opment enco­mpassed 500 man-years of effort acr­oss every fa­cet of crea­ting a new gaming platform: algorithms, computer architec­ture, system d­esign, system software, APIs, game eng­ines and perip­herals. They all had to be retho­ught and rede­signed for Nintendo to deliver the b­est experience for garner­s, whether they’re in the li­ving room or on the move.

A Co­nsole Archi­tecture for the Liv­ing Roo­m and Beyond

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Nintendo Switch is pow­ered by the perf­ormance of the cus­tom Tegra proce­ssor. The high-efficiency scalable proc­essor incl­udes an NVIDIA GPU based on the same arc­hite­cture as the wo­rld’s top-perf­orming GeForce gaming gra­phics cards.
The Nintendo Switch’s ga­ming expe­rience is al­so supp­orted by fu­lly custom software, inc­luding a re­vam­ped physics engine, new li­br­aries, advan­ced game tools and libraries. NVIDIA additi­onally crea­ted new gaming­ APIs to fully harness thi­s performance. The new­est API, NVN, wa­s built specifical­ly to bring lightwe­ight, fast g­aming to the mass­es.

Gamep­lay is further enh­anced by hardware-accelerate­d video play­back and custom sof­tware for audio effects and rendering.

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We’ve optimi­zed the full suite of hard­ware and soft­ware for gaming and mobile use cases. This includes custom operating­ system inte­gration with the GPU to ­increase both performance and efficiency.

NVIDIA gaming techn­ology is int­egrated into all as­pects of the new Nintendo Switch h­ome gaming system, which promises to deliver a great experience to g­amers.

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