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Philippines Will Now Have Its Very Own Space Agency Through Philippine Space Act of 2016

Balita Ngayon | Bill seek to have the first ever Philippines Space Ageny.

Amidst all the chaos surrounding the current administration and the opposition growing larger every day, a bill that proposing the first ever PHL Space Agency is benn filed and its quickly getting a lot of attention. Filipino astrophysicist Dr. Mari Rogel Sese announced the filling of 2 bills in the Senate and Lower House.

He recenly post on his Facebook account the bills saying,

`All of the work that we done in the past few years for the growth of the national space program amounts to these 2 documents Senate Bill 1211 and House Bill 3637 which is aim to legislate Philippines Space Development and Utilization Policy and create a Philippines Space Agency`.

He held many interviews where he said that having our own centralized space agency is so important to sustain economic growth.

`Independent access to space is no longer a luxury but a necessity evern for developing countries suchs as our` He said.

The bill is known as the Philippines Space Act of 2016 that aims to establish the Philippines Space Agency or PhilSa.

`The PhilSa will be responsible for developing space science technology policies, implents the research and education programs and estrablishing the industry linkages between the public and private sector stakeholder,` the Senate bills explanatory note.

`The PhilSa will be the countrys representation for internation space arbitrations and agreements,` He added.

So far, the bill is already garnered positive response from other legislators.

`We are hoping that our legislators would also realize the importance and pass the bill soon,` he said.




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