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PM Najib of malaysia says that West should stop lecturing other countries,embraces china

Balita Ngayon – Following of Pres. Duterte pronouncements of cutting ties with the US and to strengthen the relationship with china and russia,it seems like other Southeast asian countries is going after of president duterte footsteps as malaysian Prime minister also expressed his desire to strengthen its ties with china.

Malaysian PM Najib Razak addressed the west saying that former colonial powers shouldn’t lecture other countries especially those exploited in the past.he also has a 6 day visit in china following pres. Duterte in his 4 days visit.

“And this includes former colonial powers,it is not for them to lecture countries they once exploited on how to conduct their own internal affairs today.” PM Najib said.

PM najib also belied the US justice department’s lawsuits against him due to Money-laundering scandal.this had been straining ties between the two countries,Najib believes that Us is interfering in malaysia’s affairs.however,he started that he is willing to cooperate in the investigation.

He also stated that dispute in the south china sea should be resolved by observing the rule of law.’when it comes to the south china sea,we firmly beleive that overlapping territorial and marine disputes should be managed calmly and rationally through dialogue,in accordance with the rule of law and peaceful negotiations.’he also said”

Meanwhile, as the result of the visit and after the meeting between china premier Li Keqiang and PM najib last tuesday.they are to buy 4 chinese naval vessels and have signed 14 aggreements amounting to 143.64 billion ringgit($34.25 billion).


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