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VIRAL: Watch this little girl when she saw a homeless man outside the restaurantshe was eating at,what she did next?

Balita ngayon –  This heart warming story of a young girl feeding the homeless man will surely make you cry!

This little girl was eating in a restaurant with her father when she noticed the homelessman sitting on a bench outside of restaurant,she asked her father “Can i just give him?(HER FOOD)”

And her father replied “yeah,go ahead!’

She  went outside of the restaurant while handed the homeless man her plate leaving him stunned in gratitude

After the young girl do that great job her father said “I think you just made his day…his week.” with a smile of her proudly father,as she watched the homeless man eat her steak and potatoes.

Her father ask her again “How does that make you feel?’

She smiled and replied,”I LIKE IT!”

The story only proves of how random acts of kindness are all around us!




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