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BMW X2 (2017) spied: the niche-filling continues



Found: the missing piece in BMW’s 4×4 ‘X’-series puzzle. Latest spyshots have given us our closest look yet at the upcoming BMW X2, a lower-roofed, more sporty sibling to the X1.

The BMW X2 was officially revealed as a concept car at the Paris motor show back in October 2016. Now the latest batch of prototypes are beginning to lose some of the heavy camouflage that had disguised earlier mules, and sport finished headlight units.

Due to reach markets in late 2017, the X2 takes a leaf from the same recipe book as BMW’s X6 and X4, coupe-style spinoffs of the X5 and X3 respectively. These spyshots suggest the X2 will be topped by a more conventional, headroom-preserving roofline, however. Think more level-headed Range Rover Evoque than fastback X6.

Just looks like a slightly squatter BMW X1 to me…

Which is exactly what it is. The X2’s based on the same front-wheel-drive, transverse-engined platform as the X1 (along with the 2-series Active Tourer and various members of the Mini family).

It will also share much of the same engine range with a likely emphasis on the more powerful units, such as the X1’s range-topping 228bhp, 332lb ft 25d turbodiesel. Both front- and four-wheel-drive versions will be available.

The chop-top roof helps the X2 look wider than an X1, and its Countach-like angled arches will be filled by big, chunky wheels.


BMW X2 (2017) spied: the niche-filling continues


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