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WATCH: Dashboard camera installed on a jeepney captured this shocking incident

MANILA, Philippines – will the govt. build it necessary for vehicles to own its own dashboard camera? Not just private vehicles but the public transport as well. This is because of the numerous road incidents happening latterly.

There was An existing law that needs PUB vehicles to install CCTVs on their vehicles but we do not know what happened several years after. we all know is that plenty of individuals ar against the installation of CCTVs and their number one reason is…. “privacy”.

With today’s numerous crimes happening around the metro, a lot of barangays install CCTVs on the streets to make sure public safety. very little} by little, the public now encourages baragany officials and establishments to install one. It seems that they can currently see the aim of those cameras. however can they permit the general public transportation to have CCTVs installed too?

When driving around the busy streets of Manila, having a dashboard camera put in on your vehicle may be a good way to capture road incidents and might function an evidence should you encounter any.

In this video, a driver installed a dashboard camera facing his passengers instead on the road. With that, he was ready to capture a happening whereby a man wearing a hoodie tried to thrust him with a knife.

His attempt failed and in order to release his anger towards the motive force, he did it to somebody else instead. associate degree innocent man with no idea why the hell this guy thrust him with a knife.

Though the driver was able to capture the video, we tend to simply cannot decide ahead since there’s still a flaw on the video. No sound. If only the owner of the video could upload the raw video, with sound included, then it could serve as a strong evidence.


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