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Must Read: Farmer in argentina discovered a gigantic egg on his land

Just in at Argentina, A Argentine farmer was a incredulous experience after he found a gigantic egg during his walk around of his farm, the farmer was named Antonio Nievas.

From his farm almost a meter long of the location when the he found, that egg was structured like a rock Nievas even thought it was a dinosaur egg when the first time he saw it.


That amazing discovery was quickly cought the attention of scientists who came to that scene,To everyone’s surprise and astonishment the scientist contrary the farmer assumed it was apparently a fossilized remain of the Prehistoric Animal,gliptodon.

Gliptodon has a similarities with the modern day armadillo,it is a gigantic animal that typically grows up to 3 meters long, that prehistoric specie has long became extinct since the ice age transpired 10,000 yrs ago.


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