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What can a Black Magic Tattoo do to a corpse?

Balita Ngayon | A corpse with a Black Magic Tattoo has been found in Thai Cemetery with the skin is still intact with the the full article..

Thai ce­met­ery wor­kers pose wi­th the corpse th­ey unearthed c­lo­se to the Laos border, which still had its skin attached.

Incredibly, dozens of tribal bamboo inkings done while the person was still alive show a black magic spell for nothing to ever penetrate the skin.

Excavators believe the Sanskrit writing and inkings of a tiger ensured the man’s body stayed together and was prevented from rotting.

It is is believed that the man died as a result of appendicitis as doctors could not operate because his skin was impenetrable .

video source NowYouKnow


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