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Too Much Vodka will kill you!

Balita Ngayon | A man from Poland declared DEAD after too much of Drinking Vodka..but came back to life and back to pub to continue drinking..READ THE FULL ARTICLE..

Did you ever experience drinking too much with your friend and you passed out. And your friends thought your dead they rushed you hospital and declared DEAD..NO?


Will this Polish man pronounced dead after too much drinking of vodka with her friends in the pub. A 25-year-old Polish man named Kamil passed out after drinking too much of vodka in Kamienna Góra a little town in South-west Poland. He went outside of the pub and fell shortly after pounding, suffering from heart attack. His friend came to help and called a paramedics to help the young man. Kamil was immediately rushed to hospital and try to brought back to life. But the doctor fail. After the Hospital staff declared he was dead.



The dead body of Kamil place to the freezer in the morgue. But something miracle happened.

The Hospital guard hear some noise from the freezer. “I was sure that it was a burglary, young people do sometimes joking with the morgue, but the sounds came from coolers. With shaking hands, I opened one of the doors, and there I found a naked corpse, asked me a blanket,”-the Hospital Guard said.

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John Snow came back to life

The Hospital Guard alerted the doctor and police immediately after seeing the dead body came back to life. The staff of the Hospital was terrified after Kamil had risen from the dead. He thin asked if he can go home after the medical checkup. But instead of going home. He just went back to the pub and get drunk again.

Read it if you think its fake . CLICK



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