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Must Read:Two men in Uganda caught in the act while boiling and eating human flesh!

Idi Amin Dada – He is the dictator who ruled over UGANDA from 1971 to 1979 and he was reportedly practiced cannibalism.he allegedly believed that consuming the flesh and internal body organs of their enemies would make him more powerful.

In fact in 1997 interview with The New York Times, Idi Amin Dada was asked to answer the allegations that he is a cannibal.

Instead of rejection, he answered” I don’t like human’s too salty for me.”


Over the past years,there some reports came that people in uganda was continued the practice of eating human flesh and internal organs.

However,the rest of the world thought that the rumor about cannibalism was already vanish, a lot of people say about this was “Surely,Nobody wants to eat  human flesh anymore!”

Recently a Facebook user who named Monday Aluola shared a story that refute the opinion that no more cannibalism around.

A Butcher holding a disrupt hand.




Aloula has noted:

“We always hear these stories but some of us end up convincing our selves that they are not true but,perhaps,this shocking story might change our thinking.”

This video proves that cannibalism in Uganda was still practiced by some people for their everyday subsistence.

For few times now, Villagers in Kiboga in Uganda have reported that some of their neighbors  has been disappeared,police in their town was conduct a investigation to find these missing people.but it was vanished without any trace.

In Uganda News article had revealed,” A witness who lost a relative last week, saw one of the men carrying human hand and alerted the police, who came and found the culprits boiling human head.”

Eventually,on October 29  police conducted a raid in the house where the two men caught in their actions while cooking their horrible meals.

Needless to say, the two men was caught in the act eating human meat and they have also parts of human body that not yet consumed.



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