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Accounting Manager spent almost One Million US-Dollars in a Mobile Game using Company’s Income.

Balita Ngayon | A man in California spent almost 49 million pesos ($1 million dollars) in a Mobile App Game. And it’s not Clash of Clan.

A Northern California man is in legal trouble after spending about $1 million(49 million pesos) on “Game of War“, a popular smartphone gaming app.  45 year old Kevin Lee Co of Sacramento pleaded guilty to embezzling $4.8 million(238 million pesos) from his employer, Holt California, between May 2008 and March 2015. In that time, he gained control over Holt’s entire accounting department and allegedly hid the transactions while using the company’s credit card up until he quit. He also bought luxury cars, furniture, plastic surgery, a golf course membership and season tickets to the San Francisco 49ers and Sacramento Kings.

game-of-warA Man who stole £3.7million from his workplace spent £800,000 on Game of War app

But what is generating the most headlines is a series of in-app purchases from the self-proclaimed “World’s largest multiplayer strategy game.” Last year, the average Game of War player reportedly spents $550 on things like in-game credit and virtual gold.
New site Ars Technica says this is the highest personal Game of War tab it’s seen. Co faces up to 20 years in prison.

Game of War: Fire Age


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