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MUST READ: President DUTERTE Vows to the people that 5-6 people in the Death Row once it is Reimposed


Must Read – President duterte was issued a Fierce warning,saying that he will carry out a daily executions of criminals once the death penalty reinstate.

Ibalik mo sa akin ‘yan…araw-arawin ko yan.Lima,Anim,” He said during senator Manny Pacquiao’s 38th birthday celebration in General Santos on Saturday.

“You destroy my country,I destroy you,”he added.

Duterte earlier expressed interest in reimposing capital punishment as part of his war campaign against illegal drugs.He had pushed the congress to restore death penalty and he wanted to execute it”by public hanging”.

Meantime, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez filed house bill 01 which seeks re imposition of the death penalty as punishment for heinous crimes such as treason,plunder,rape,murder,carnapping and involvement on illegal drugs.

This bill was already approved last December 7 at the committee level.



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