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Must Read:Leila DeLima was forced oust at Conference hall in Berlin,Germany

Must Read – Senator Leila Delima was oust in the middle of meeting at Berlin Conference hall while discussing about Cultural Diplomacy (ACCD).

In the middle of her speech,security officials of the conference hall was told the FOX that DeLima have got out of order due to mentioning Philippines President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

“She consistently mentioned Rodrigo Duterte’s name despite being warned by the speaker,we were instructed to kick her out of the hall,we just followed the orders from the speaker,” said one of the security officer at the hall.

Leila Delima Had promised that she will seek support during this conference bid to have president duterte charged on violation of human rights in the philippines.

“The conference is a perfect opportunity to bring forward the human rights issues faced by the country, including our respective experiences, and gather support for actions that mitigate the prevailing culture of impunity,” she said in a statement.

All the members who attended the conference was declined to listen to Senator Leila delima while expressing her accusations saying that’s politics and that,Delima must take the debate back to the Philippines.

That Annual Conference on cultural Diplomacy (ACCD) in the german capital was more focused for giving awareness and support for activities that will promote global human kicked off on 14th of December.


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