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VIRAL: After “Tanim bala” in NAIA another modus Discovered the “Tanim Shabu”! Must watch and Keep Aware.

VIRAL TODAY – This past months the infamous “TANIM BALA” issue there is yet another modus that already caught the attention of the netizens in sicial media and leaving the people to be aware and scared even in this holiday season.

The “Tanim Shabu” its true that this modus was happening now,This modus was involves of police secretly  sliding in illegal pharapernalia into another person’s belongings and after they will catch you and accusing a drug pusher or user without any idea how they know that you have something on your pocket or in your bags.

The motive of this modus is still unclear,but for me PNP chief Bato delarosa have something to do now,but for now this case was still ongoing and advise everyone to be aware to your surroundings and belongings and also be mindful all the time.



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