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VIRAL: A girl earned her Life Lesson because she was also a victim of “Nawalan,Nisahan,Napaasa” MUST READ!

VIRAL TODAY  – recently the “Nawalan,Napaasa ,Naisahan” was a part and only applicable for a Unlucky in love experience.but now its also used for unreturned items like cellphone.

This girl experienced it when she was riding a jeepney going to Marikina when she accidentally lost her iPhone 5s, She’s hoping for someone will return it to her who ever got it and she tried to send a message to her lost cellphone.

And suddenly unexpected circumstance happen, she received a response via text message to the person who got her phone and it seems the unknown person was willing to return it.and later on he manifest himself as ERIC BORROMEO student from ICCT and he agreed to return the phone to her.

It was a smooth and it seems like a good conversation so that the owner has nothing to worry about it, Must see the full conversation between them and how the “NAWALAN,NAPAASA,NAISAHAN” was occur.






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