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This world’s largest USB flash drive by Kingston can store 160 HD movies easily

Balita Ngayon – The world’s biggest USB Flash Drive that can store more than 160HD movies because of its capacity of 2 TB (Terabytes).

This Flash drive have a same capacity when you put eight of the biggest iPhones squeezed onto a device that’s less than three inches long.

The new USB flash drive is a first DataTraveler ultimate GT this was announced by Kingston technology during this week’s CES 2017 in LA (Las Vegas).

This small but terrible portable device can hold a ton of information and can keep hundreds of HD movies.

Its officially ship on February 2017,but brace yourselves for sticker shock.Kingston’s previous Flash drive the 1TB Data Traveler HyperX Predator,is currently listed on Amazon with a shipping price of $2,730 dollar’s.

The Kingston company hasn’t announce the exactly how much its going to charge for this small but terrible device,which comes in both 1TB and 2 TB models.



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