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WARNING:This will be a caution to all Vape user’s out there!!MUST WATCH

WARNING – This video shown a warning and precautions to all Vape user’s and also a lessons learned to them.



Katherine Mae Martir-Sincioco

Attention all VAPE users!
My husband and I bought this product for a family member living abroad. Since we want to make sure that the product is working, my husband decided to test it himself. This is my husband’s actual experience while testing the vape we bought.

This is not a propaganda to bash this product. We only want to create awareness to both suppliers and users that this device can cause a potential accident. I hope that the suppliers will now be more concerned of the quality of their product and that other VAPE users will be extra careful in using this device.

It is important to know that these devices are NOT play toys and should be noted that they have the potential to cause major injuries. If you think it can’t happen to you, it can!



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