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Japanese Cute Girls in Maid Custome Will Help you to Lift Weights in this Unique Gym in Akihabara Japan

Balita Ngayon | In Akihabara Japan a new Gym was open with Cute Japanese girls in a Maid Costume will help you to lift weights and give big hard…….Muscle..

You’ve probably heard of maid cafes, where patrons are served by young girls in maid costumes. But what about a maid gym?

Maid Gym Project

Now that muscle-laden dream will become a reality with the opening of the first MAID GYM in Akihabara.

Maid Gym Project
Although it’s currently a crowdfunding campaign, but given that it has already raised 110% of its target with still over 30 days to go, it’s safe to say this one is actually happening very soon.

Maid Gym Project

Prices are listed as costing ¥7,500 (US$66) for 50 minutes, which includes a sports drink and protein drink. There is also a ¥10,000 membership fee to pay before your first session.

Maid Gym Project

The prices are definitely a little high, but high prices mean something good in return. You are now having yourself a personal maid to train you.

Maid Gym Project

For people who just need a little smiling encouragement to get out to the gym, it might be just the perfect thing for them.

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