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A Petition Was Made by Fans of Jessie Vard to Continue Modeling Sexy Lingerie in Thailand

Balita Ngayon | Jessie Vard fans in Bangkok Thailand start a new petition to continue modeling sexy lingerie and it goes viral in social media.

A new hottie model of Bangkok, Thailand name Jessie Vard, an Irish girl was just 17 years old. born in 1999.

Jessie Vard Sexy Model in Thailand

She is known for captivating lingerie photoshoot done by photographers Thailand.

Jessie Vard’s photos gone viral on social media. Many netizens were amazed on to her that’s why many people noticed her majestic curves. She is a beautiful true nature came out from the competition when angels Nordic beauty endowed with sexy body, sweet.

Jessie Vard Sexy Model in Thailand

Her Thai fans are so distraught that they have started an online petition for Jessie to keep the sexy pits coming. “She is producing her good works of art, people should understand that women must not be anyone’s subject for moral masturbation.” stated the petition.

Jessie Vard Sexy Model in Thailand

Because some Thai people insulted and devalued Jessie just because she is too hot “It’s much more than just money. It’s not that when someone hands me money. I take my clothes off.” said Jessie

“I do what I am good at, and it feeds my father and my siblings. If it offends people, I’ll stop sexy modeling from this month on. I’m so sorry.”

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