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Vasalgel | Birth control for Male

Balita Ngayon | A new contraceptives has been develop and it’s 100% successful to test monkey.

Men, prepare yourselves. It may soon be your turn to take birth control. A trial for a male contraceptives gel has a promising result in monkeys according to a new study published in the journal “Basic and Clinical Andrology.” Scientists injected the gel called “Vasalgel” into 16 male rhesus monkeys. A week later, they were turned loose on breeding females. Even though the males who got injected did mate, they didn’t get any females pregnant and it remained successful through at least one full breeding season.


Vasalgel works by blocking sperm flow. It’s injected into the tubes that sperm swim through reach the penis. The effects are reversible, in theory, with another injection to dissolve the gel plug. If Vasalgel makes it to the public market, it could be game-changing. Currently, men have two options: condom or sterilization. Scientist are hopeful that men will be willing to one day give Vasalgel a try.

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