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Must watch: A heartbreaking video of Fiancé says goodbye for one last time!

Must Watch – This heartbreaking video of a guy who says goodbye for one last time to her Fiancé,this video will proves that  “LOVE ” is the most and one of the strongest emotions, feelings that god gave to us ,with this sorrowful video will explained how they loved each other when they are together.

As a last bid of farewell to fulfill their promise for just one last time, the man mustered the courage and the strength to end the chapter of their mournful story.

His fiancée, laying ever so peacefully on her coffin, was wearing a shirt with the words written “soulmate” in similarity to what he was wearing.

Hands trembling, heart beat races fast, as he open the box containing the woman’s dreams and promise, he slowly wore the symbol of their love; a wedding ring into her fiancée’s hands, gathered the beautiful necklace and gently wore it on her resting neck.

As a final gesture to his parting love, he pressed his lips against his fiancée’s sweet lips, finalizing the saga of their fate that even death cannot kill what the heart truly feels.

We salute the family, the friends, and especially, the fiancé, for their strength, courage, and fortitude in saying goodbye to their beloved for one last time.

WARNING:this video will surely make you cry….


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