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UAE to colonize Planet Mars

Balita Ngayon | United Arab Emirates plan to colonize the red planet (Mars) and build a city with thousands of UAE Citizen.

The United Arab Emirates announces plans to build a city on Mars by 2117. One UAE official says the city will be about the size of Chicago, with a population of around 600,000.


United Arab Emirates Vice President Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Matoum made the announcement Feb. 14, 2016 at the World Government Summit in Dubai.


He says the city will be a collaboration with other countries around the world and will be governed with UN involvement. Concrete steps, at this point, include starting space sciences programs at universities to inspire and train younger generations.


Maktoum also says they will establish an Emirate science team that will work with scientist internationally. This team will develop faster transportation to and from Mars research self-sustaining sources of food, energy and transportation. The Emirate space agency, established in 2014, is currently working to send unmanned probe to Mars by 2021.



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