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Balita Ngayon| 400 new MMDA volunteers to deploy in the streets in Metro Manila

Balita Ngayon| Over 400 new volunteers will help manage traffic in Metro Manila traffic.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will deploy deputized volunteers to help the management of traffic in the crowded metro. An initial 56 volunteers are ready for deployment on Feb. 24 after going through a three-day training. 400 additional volunteers are expected to be hired in the coming weeks.


The volunteers will be deployed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday – the time of the week when roads are always congested. The move was made possible with the a deal MMDA made with Civil Defense Action Group (CDAG) and Pureforce and Rescue Corporation. The agreement was signed on Feb. 20. Not all volunteers have the power to issue traffic tickets, however, as MMDA says such responsibility would require additional training. Metro Manila has more than 1,000 main intersection, but only 400 are powered with traffic lights. MMDA is also currently undermanned, with only over 2,300 traffic enforcers spread across the metro’s 197 kilometer road network.

Image source MMDA



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