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Strange story| Family discovered strange encrypted books and alien hunter sculpture after son disappeared

Balita Ngayon| A young man of 24 years old, disappeared in Acre-Brazil and left in his room alchemy manuscripts and a statue of $20000 of a philosopher

Psychology student Bruno Borges, 24, has been missing since last Monday (27) in Rio Branco. A week after that, his mother, psychologist Denise Borges, spoke exclusively to the G1, showing a series of reasons that lead to believe that the case is not just another disappearance of person.

The conventional lunch with the family, on Monday, was the last time relatives saw him. Denise says he came home and everyone went about their normal work day. Later, the father returned to the family home in Rio Branco and realized that his son was not there.
Behind the door of the room, kept for almost a month locked in place of furniture, a statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), for whom he has great admiration, estimated at R $ 7 thousand, and 14 books extremely organized , Written by hand. Some of them copied on the walls, ceiling and floor. All works – identified by Roman numerals – encrypted.

Bruno Borges

The mystery reverberated in the social networks after a video – recorded without authorization of the family – vitalized. The disappearance of the young man is investigated by the Acre Civil Police. The coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Office (DIC), delegate Fabrizzio Sobreira, said that all possibilities are being considered.
In the bedroom, the writings are done impeccably, with precision and symmetry, as in a notebook page. Several symbologies were drawn in the room and also around the statue. A painting on the wall where Bruno appears being touched by an alien also shows the young man’s interest in various subjects.

Denise recalls that her son had spoken a long time ago of a project he was working on and for which he would need money. In response, she said she would sponsor if she knew what it was, a request that was rejected. According to his mother, Bruno started production in 2013 and, a year ago, began to focus on finishing.

“He said it was a secret and I did not give him the money. Then he started looking for people who believed in him without telling him what the project was. He just told me that he was writing 14 books that would change mankind in a good way. He asked me for a year without working to finish and I, guided by a doctor, I left, “he says.


Still not knowing what the books are hiding, the mother reveals that until March 1, when she traveled on vacation, Bruno’s room had the usual furniture. The other two brothers, however, revealed that after the parents’ departure, the door was always closed. It took exactly 22 days to make the changes.
“Before that, he had written five books. One of them wanted to patent because he had launched a theory. He asked me for help and I said I would read it. I read it three times. Only in the third, when I went to read, I understood. He had never seen such a thing, his theory was perfect, we were intertwined in everything. He wanted to patent it and I did not give it, “he says.


The statue of Giordano Bruno – a replica of what exists at Campo dei Fiori in Rome – is one of the emblematic objects. The family points out that they do not know exactly when the artifact entered the house. The play was produced in the capital Acre and taken to the residence last week at a time when the young man was alone.

The money to pay for the project, according to Denise, Bruno got a cousin, R $ 20 thousand. “He’s been studying philosophy for many years, he was very much a fan of Giordano. My son knows how to talk about any subject, he has a very high intellectual capacity. You’ve read the whole Bible and the entire Shakespeare work, “he says.


Many theories involve the case. In social networks, Internet surfers even tried to see the physical similarity between Acre and Giordano Bruno himself, with whom he shares one of the names. For some, the young man may be trying to finish the works of the philosopher, work interrupted by his death by the Inquisition.

Trying to decipher the mystery
Seven days after her disappearance and initial despair, Denise says she begins to understand her son’s attitude, which has no psychological problems, she says. Faced with the size of Bruno’s effort, the mother reveals that she might have resorted to drastic measures if she saw the writing differently.
“If he opened the door of the room and called us to see, I would cry until I ‘died’, call the ambulance and order hospitalization. He knew what we would do. Maybe it was gone for us to come to that clarification. Maybe he tried to patent, he did not get it, and he created a language of his own or maybe the work was made to be read by those who have an intelligence beyond, “he speculates.




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