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Watch| 10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World

This are some of the most insane ritual before sex

Sex can be a result of love or lust, just a formality, amoral fun or even an unlawful activity. Every culture has its own peculiarities which you’re gonna learn about from this video.

10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World 1


1. The tribe of Sambians has a very weird ritual of turning boys into men. At age of 7 boys are removed from the presence of all females to not have any contact with them and they’re allowed to be back in the common tribe 10 years later. They are required to ingest the semen of their elders, which is thought to sustain growth and strength.


10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World 2

2. The Mardudjara tribe’s ritual of maturity consists of several procedures. The first part of this rite involves a barbaric circumcision followed by the circumcised male eating his own foreskin. Then a meatotomy is performed – his penis is cut lengthwise on the underside, sometimes all the way to the scrotum. Blood is then dripped over a fire in order to purify it.


10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World 3

3. Australian warrior aborigines instead of a standard hand-shaking show their friendliness by making a different gesture – that is by touching their interlocutor’s penis.

10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World 4

4. There’s a custom among The Wodaabee tribe men of West Africa. At the annual Gerewol Festival, Wodaabe men wear elaborate makeup, dress up and steal each other’s wives. If the new couple is able to steal away, then they become socially recognized.

10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World 5

5. Muslim culture is one of the strictest in terms of sexual intercourses between a man and a woman. Muslim couples can have sex only in a missionary position. A husband’s request to change the position is considered indignity.


6. Deer Horn Muria is a tribe living deep in the woods of Central India. Its people practice a very weird tradition called ghotul – a festive gathering during which tribal women educate teenagers by singing songs to them, telling legends, showing tribal dances and… they teach them to have sex! Girls first drink herbal liqueur as a natural contraceptive and then pick a partner for every night.

Girl and boy, roped for traditional bamboo dance, Yap Island, Yap Islands, Federated States of Micronesia

7. Men from the Panape tribe living in Micronesia stimulate women with the help of stinging ants which are kept in boxes. When the petting reaches its peak, these ants are dropped straight on the beloved lady’s clitoris .

10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World 8

8. Men of South African tribes cut off one of their testicles being afraid of having twins that are considered to be a prototype of sin and most horrible curses. However, as you know harem attendants in the East expose themselves to an even more terrible execution – absolute castration.

10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World 9

9. Tribes of Oceania make a bride get married being a virgin, however before she’s allowed to meet her groom, she has to go through the process of losing virginity with a stone knife. The rite is held by the groom’s friends who can have sex with the girl for 3 days. Then the happy newly-wed is passed on to the other men of the tribe and only then to her legal spouse.

10 Strange Sexual Traditions Around The World 10

10. In Ancient India the procedure of defloration was only done by specially trained people. Such a decision to take a girl to this kind of specialist was always made by her mother. Depriving of virginity was done with a phallic symbol from stone, wood and other materials. That said, the blood which the girl had lost during the process, could be gathered and used as a love potion by the decision of her parents.




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