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WATCH: This guy yells and insult’s Pinay while having a picnic in a park in Singapore

Just when you thought things have quietened down on the intolerance front, shitty behavior rears its ugly head again.

A particularly pugnacious (and presumably intoxicated) man was captured on video yelling supremely offensive and racist insults at a group of Filipino ladies having a picnic near a playground in Punggol. Apparently, the man had been mouthing off at the group for being noisy and disturbing his sleep. But even if the group had been a tad boisterous, it certainly didn’t warrant violent threats and vulgar comments about his alleged sexual escapades.


The harassment didn’t end there, according to one commenter. A witness claimed that the asshole vented his rage at some kids at the playground afterwards, continuing his tirade against the noise. He eventually left after an ambulance arrived.




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