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Dentist helps to remove man’s penis from wrench after Firemen and Doctor failed

Balita Ngayon| CHINA| As if getting his penis stuck in a wrench wasn’t embarrassing enough, this guy had to get the help of various different groups to have it freed. Doctors couldn’t help so they called firefighters who armed themselves with an angle grinder.

But they thought better of that idea, much to the relief of the unnamed 37-year-old bachelor. He went to a hospital in Linhai City, China, at around 9.30pm on June 2, nearly a full day after he got his genitals trapped.
Penis stuck on wrench 2
His penis had become swollen and had turned purple by the time he sought medical help. Doctors wanted to carry out an operation to reduce the blood flow so that they could remove the tool from his tool. They needed his parents’ permission to carry out the surgery, but they failed to show up at hospital to sign the consent forms so doctors had to find alternative ways to remove the wrench.
Penis stuck on wrench 3
They contacted the fire brigade who brought the angle grinder with them. But they said the heat generated by the machine would pose a danger to the patient. However one of the doctors said that she had studied a similar case during a seminar and suggested they get hold of a dentist. Two arrived, Zhou Gi and Shi Gengsheng, with a dental trill that rotates at 200,000 to 300,000 times a minutes.
Penis stuck on wrench 4
Zhou said: The dental engine also has a high-pressure water cooler to reduce the heat caused by the drilling.’ After testing the drill on a wrench from the firefighter’s toolbox, the man was freed within 30 minutes by the dentists without suffering further injury.

It is not known why he had the wrench on his penis.



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