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Old Chinese guy showing his penis to a Pinay OFW on a tram in Hong Kong

Balita Ngayon| A viral video is circulating online when a Chinese man on a public transport showing his genitals to a OFW women in Hong Kong.

The video was uploaded by Filipina named Fame Lavender Pink on Saturday. The Pinay was sitting down in transportation vehicle (tram) while the old Chinese guy stands behind her in tiny short, and lifting his short and exposing his penis and testicles. This guy definitely has no underwear.

As the video goes on. The Pinay doesn’t say anything, based on her facial expression, the Pinay filming the video is clearly in mixed emotions while the guys showing his balls. After few seconds on the video you can see that the old guy lifting his shorts higher, exposing all his penis and testicle and staring directly into camera with a smile on his face.

As the Pinay had enough on the old Chinese guy, she choose to get up and go to other Pinay on the tram and till what she just recorded. Fame Lavender Pink said to other Pinay “bwisit lang, pinakita bayag nya.”.

Fame Lavender Pink


The viral video was uploaded on Saturday night, has been viewed 600,000 times and shared on Facebook for over 1000 times.



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